Monday, February 17, 2020

Export direct reports Attributes from List of Managers

New day, new PowerShell Magic....

One of the customer manger has contacted us  with the below requirement:

  • Export particular attributes for Direct reports from multiple managers.

  • Input will be provided via samacountnames of managers thru text file.

Attribute List:

Manager,FirstName, LastName, EmailAddress,Department, Location, Employeeid

We have used PowerShell Active Directory Module to achieve this as it has DirectReports attribute that we can loop thru.

Line 160 of Script:

$directrports = Get-ADUser -id $user -Properties directreports | Select -ExpandProperty directreports

Download/Install the script from PowerShell Gallery.

Install-Script -Name ExportADAttributesDirectReports

Once installed, you will be able to find the script in below location , you can run from there or copy it to some other location.

C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Scripts

Now when you run it, it will prompt you for the input text file which contains managers samaccountnames.

text file contents:





It will also create report and logs folder, report will be generated in CSV form and will be saved in report folder.

You can modify the script , add other attributes as per your requirement by updating the code between line 162 to 171.

I will upload the solution to Technet Script Gallery as well in coming week, as of now gallery is not opening correctly in browser and upload is not working.

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