Sunday, August 18, 2019

PowerApps Create Redirect to Thank You Page after Submission

Back in days we have created redirects for sharepoint list forms, infopath forms, sharepoint pages when required.

These redirect enhance the user experience, for example: User submits the form and instead of landing to the list, it lands to a page that says "Thank you for submitting your request, it will be processed Shortly"

With Powerapps as well we want similar experience, when user submits the Powerapps form, they land on the Thank You Screen.



Here are the steps to create it.

  • Create a new screen with the Thank You TEXT.( you can use Insert tab to add HTML text)

Ones the screen is created as per your desire, you need to go to the edit screen where submit button is there(if there are multiple submit options like I have shown in the above app, one is Tick sign and other is proper submit button than below action needs to be performed on both)

  • Hit the submit button, go to Advanced--> Under Action --> OnSelect (use the following formula)

(SubmitForm(EditForm1) And Navigate(Screen1, ScreenTransition.None))

Save and Publish.

Now when the user will submit the form, it will transition to Thank you screen that you have created.

I hope this post will assist you in case you want to add a transition screen to your PowerAPP.

Thanks for reading

Sukhija Vikas


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