Sunday, April 29, 2018

PowerApps - Helpdesk Calling Application (Contact IT)

Powerapps and Microsoft flow are the two new tools that will revolutionize the the automation further.

You don't require any developer skills and can easily built APPS in few hours, weeks in comparison to old times when you have to hire developers, spent time and money to build even a simple app.

I will show you example of one APP that we have deployed in one of our customer environment : Helpdesk Calling App (Contact IT)

This can be pushed to all user community so that they can contact IT easily and don't have to remember the numbers or find these when required by them.

SNAPSHOT of Iphone PowerApps (Contact IT)

Lets create it , go to login with your office 365 identity(make sure you have PowerApps enabled else ask your o365 admin to enable it, its part of E3 subscription and comes as separate as well)

Click APPS --> Create an App (Blank App - Phone layout)

It will load in PowerApps web studio.

You can Now ADD label and start adding buttons.

Use HTML text where applicable.

Select Button to update its properties

Click on Advanced and update On Select as below example:


Do the same for other buttons, your app is ready to be published and shared.

when user opens the app on mobile device & click for example: Call: US, It will call the number you embedded inside your app.

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Sukhija Vikas


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