Saturday, March 31, 2018

Avoid Users from Signing Up for Office 365 Services Trials

There are situations where you want to block users from signing up for trial of office 365 services like streams,Flow,Power BI etc.

We have been given this task as it was interfering with our project where we were turning ON office 365 services in a planned manner.

You will not be able to restrict all services but most of these will abide the settings.

Log on to MSOL thru powershell: (Refer how to connect to MSOL : )

Type below command to check current settings:

Get-MsolCompanyInformation | fl AllowAdHocSubscriptions

If value comes out to be true than it means that users are able to sign up for services trials.

Turn the value to False to disable sign ups.

Set-MsolCompanySettings -AllowAdHocSubscriptions:$false

After this has been done We have tested the services and trials were successfully blocked.

Note: Some services don't have signups available and some don't even require a license.

Irrespective of above settings,we want to test all (These can change as Microsoft make changes so please test yourself, below are our test results for reference)

Delve  - Working without license

Forms -  Not working (signup blocked after Settings was set to False)

TO-DO  - Not working

Stream - Not working (signup blocked after Settings was set to False)

Staffhub - Working without license (Settings can be updated to apply license Check)

Flow - signup blocked after Settings was set to False (require license)

Powerapps - signup blocked after Settings was set to False(require license)

Microsoft Teams - Not working without License

Planner - Working without license

SWAY - Not working without License

PowerBI - Not working without License (signup blocked after Settings was set to False)

Yammer - Working without license (Settings can be updated to apply license Check)

EOL - Requires License

SKOB - Requires License

Office ProPlus - Requires License

For services, Where signups were available earlier, are now blocked.

Users get below message when they try to SIGN UP.

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Sukhija Vikas


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  2. This command does not look like it is available. I do not see this property.

  3. I just checked its still available, I am assuming you have MSOL module on your machine.

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  5. is it true that for users which are created in Office 365 I can not prevent the sign in in Flow with the free license?

  6. You can prevent signups using the above method.

  7. Is it possible to block trials for specific services? I am looking for a way to block only Microsft Teams service trials.

  8. You can run a powershell script & remove the trials from license subscription, apart from that I can not think of another way. if you ant gui way than go to , under azure ad go to licensing and you will see all the users that have signed up for the teams trial.