Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Microsoft Flow Approval - Email Send with options

This blog post is around creating a approval workflow by using Send Email with options Action under office 365 outlook.

My assumption in this post is that you are already aware about SharePoint List and how to add a Microsoft flow When item is created or modified.

Select the Action and search for  Send email with as shown below:

You can now Select Dynamic values and can frame a good automated content that would be sent for approval.

In the User options , remove Choice1, Choice2, Choice3 and ADD Approve, Reject  as  in below screenshot.

Choice you select here is important as that will be used in selected options in next condition step.

Next action is --> ADD a Condition and SelectedOption  should be set to Approve (exactly same that you added in Choice under user options)

Now create a YES and NO Branch to finish the Microsoft Flow, YES branch will mean that request has been approved and NO branch means Reject.

Here is the Snippet that Approver will receive when the flow is invoked (For example: When new item is created in SharePoint List)

You can see how a powerful and simple is Microsoft flow in creating approval workflow that too in few minutes.

There is another method for approval available in Microsoft flow which allows you to use flow mobile app for approval as well as leave comments on why the request has been approved or rejected.

I am leaving that for my later post, let me know if you have any queries.


Thanks for reading

Sukhija Vikas


  1. Great post! Would it be possible to save the responses from each user to a SharePoint list? I've successfully created a flow saving the response from a single user however multiple user responses aren't recorded.

    Many thanks


  2. You have to design the list as per requirements and than add action item accordingly.

  3. hi Vikash , I have successfully implemented "Send Email with option". This is working for me.
    But we have an problem that at the time of action User have to include comment (Mandatory if Action is Reject).??
    Can we achieve this Functionality in this Action.

  4. You need to use flow approval if you need comments, I will write a post on how to use flow approvals in near future but till than you can check on internet & can find out how to do that.

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  6. Hi Vikas,

    How do i send from email for "Email with option" action.


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