Saturday, June 25, 2016

DAG Creation Installation Notes

Today I am sharing the brief notes that you can refer for creating the Database Availability Group for Exchange Environment. We have used it for 2010 environment - win 2008 r2sp1 (changed to make it generic).

  1. Copy the installation files to the Server

2. Check Powershell version should be 2.0 ($psversiontable)

3. Run Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted in powershell. (you can change it later)

4. Open Powershell & install Win_PreReqs_MBX.ps1 (extract the scripts from below path)!Aqor_aWWYXrDgRmMXHZ34G518Z-B

5. Install  _WinR2SP1_Cluster_HotFix & _FilterPack (included in above download)

6.  Install Fail-over clustering Feature

7. Set the Service Net.TcpPort Sharing Service to Automatic

8.  Set the Windows Firewall Service to automatic and start the service

9. Check Private/Public NICs (private NIC should not have DNS registration check)

10. Change the binding order of NICs, Public should be on Top.

11. Run & choose languages on DVD , Custom install(automatically install required features) - Choose the installation path (I generally avoid installation on system drive)

12.  Select Mailbox Role --> finish wizard /restart

13.  Install latest service pack/Rollups /restart

14.  Add free busy fix registry & Max session  (this can be environment specific  - optional)

Download the registry from here:!Aqor_aWWYXrDgRoUQjWWHnT7L9kN

Setting for Private/Public NIC interfaces

FeatureMAPI Network SettingReplication Network Setting
TeamedAs per enviornmentNA
Client for Microsoft NetworksEnabledDisabled
QoS Packet SchedulerEnabledEnabled
File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft NetworksEnabledDisabled
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper I/O DriverEnabledEnabled
Link-Layer Topology Discovery ResponderEnabledEnabled

Follow the same procedure on other node.

15. Now we can proceed further for DAG creation:

New-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Name DAG01 -WitnessServer WSServer -WitnessDirectory I:\DAG_FSW\DAG01 -DatabaseAvailabilityGroupIpAddresses,

16. Thru Exchange management console Configure DAG (Manage membership)

17.  Update DAG Configuration

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -identity DAG01 -AlternateWitnessServer wsserver2  -AlternateWitnessDirectory I:\DAG_FSW\DAG01 -DatacenterActivationMode DagOnly -networkcompression enabled

18.  Configure Dag Networks now  from Exchange management console, remove the default created networks & create MAPI/Replication networks.

if you want step by step info on how to create new networks & collapse default ones here is the link from other blogger, you can find plenty on the internet

19.  Create the Mailbox databases

New-MailboxDatabase -Name "DAG01_Database01" -EdbFilePath J:\DAG01_Database01\DAG01_Database01.edb -LogFolderPath J:\DAG01_DatabaseLog01

Mount-Database -Identity "DAG01_Database01"

Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity DAG01_Database01 -MailboxServer Node02

20.  Set activation preferences

Set-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity DAG01_Database01\Node02 -ActivationPreference 2

Now you can setup default quotas, Journaling, Quota notification schedules.

This is our default check list for DAG creation, its just a  brief to do kind of list so that we don't forget what is required.



Sukhija Vikas

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