Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sharepoint Hide Recycle bin while opening Forms

This post is about How to hide recycle bin While opening forms on Sharepoint page.

Below is the example where when user clicks & open the Form , in the upper left corner you can see Recycle bin & All Site content which looks ODD.


Here is the solution to this problem, just create a text file Name Hide.txt (you can choose any Name) with below contents:

.s4-specialNavLinkList {




Upload the created file to document library, I have uploaded it to shared documents document library.

Open the List & from the top ribbon bar select --> form web parts --> (item) New Form


When the New form is opened , Click ADD webpart --> Add content editor webpart, you will find it under --> Media and content


Click Edit web Part on Content Editor web Part


Add the url of the text file you have uploaded in the document library.

Apply & Stop editing.


Now when you will open the form there would be No recycle bin & All site Content Links.

I am creating a user form using infopath for some automation work so this trick helped me to enhance user experience :)


Sukhija Vikas

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