Saturday, June 27, 2015

SharePoint 2013 New Features and Improvements

Hi Readers,

Was refreshing my Share point Knowledge & wanted to share New improvements in 2013 versions, Below is the list of new features/Improvements:

  • Request Management --> Route /Recognize/Prioritize/ Refuse/Redirect

  • Distributed Cache --> Cache is Synchronized between servers


  • Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) --> Download only portions that have changed.

  • Shredded Storage --> Reduces BLOB I/O during versioning, Reduces amount of data saved in SQL, Decrease Network traffic b/w web and SQL, Fast backups of SQL

  • 3 New service Applications :

  • Machine Translation Services --> Synchronous(immediate)  / Asynchronous (Scheduled via timer Job) - Translate content to another language.

  • APP Management Service -->  App Store /App isolation

  • Work Management Service Application --> Tasks at one Place , Can be integrated with Exchange 2013 & Project Server 2013

  • Changes to Existing Service Application :

  • SSA is one product --> Fast is no longer Separate Product

  • Manage Meta Data --> Control User Tags/ Tags have properties/ Pin Terms

  • User Profile Service --> Easier/Faster / Monitor/ User profile replication Engine( separate in 2010)/ One way AD import

  • WebAnalytics --> No longer a Service Application / It is part of Search now

  • Business Data Connectivity --> Support for OData / Improvements on External List/ Support for SharePoint Apps & Office Apps/ It has event Listener

  • Office Web Apps --> No longer a Service Application / Separate Product Now.

  • Access Services --> Access Services 2010 (Backward Compatibility) / New & Improved Access Service

  • User Authentication --> Windows Classic mode Authentication Depreciated/ Claims based is Recommended /OAuth 2.0 / Better Logging

  • Host Named Site Collections --> SP site Urls / Unlimited Host Names / Multiple Urls for every Zone

  • Self Service Site Creation --> Signup Page/ User can choose Location / Site Classification

  • E-Discovery Center --> Cases /Holds / In-place Holds/ Discovery from Single Site/ Scales out to farms /Exchange Mailboxes, SharePoint Locations, File Shares/Queries for Search & export

  • Site Policies -->Life-cycle of the Site/Site Closure /Control Site Proliferation/ Automate Site Retention

There are other improvements as well but want to share the main ones.


Sukhija Vikas


  1. I do get with online documents when open in Office 2010, is this known issue? I am using Windows server 2008 R2 with Office 2010 64 Bit and I can configure Office365 email with Outlook client.and this is working on my another server.

  2. Could you explain more, not able to get you.