Sunday, September 7, 2014

Exchange 2010 - Export single Message from Queue

Hi Readers,
There can be a situation where you have to export message from the queue for analysis.
We had some situations where we had to do that , one was where we were getting below error for one message on transport server.
A message with the Internal Message ID 231753 was rejected by the remote server. This message will be deferred and retried because it was marked for retry if rejected. Other messages may also have encountered this error.
We have checked the server queue & found the message (right clicked & suspended it) --> can be done from command line as well.
After that we used the below shell command to export the message:
Get-Message | where{$_.subject -like "printing*"} | Export-Message | AssembleMessage c:\printing.eml
Now you can check the message & analyze it.
Sukhija Vikas

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