Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to detect whether powershell remoting is enabled

Hi Readers,

Today I am sharing a TIP that can be used to detect if Powershell remoting is enabled on machine or not.

Just log on to the machine for which you want to Test this & enter below commands

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName localhost

If machine is not enabled for powershell remoting below is the output:



If machine is enabled for powershell remoting below is the output:




Sukhija Vikas



  1. Hi,
    This may be a very simple question. but being a beginner, I would like to have and idea.
    In my enviroment, I am running a powershell script which pulls the report from the servers which are all in the same subnet but server which are all in a different subnet are not reporting. I checked PSRemoting is not enabled on both the subnet servers. can you pls guide. do i need to enable psremoting on both the subnet servers ?

  2. Pls refer:
    This is for sharepoint but would be good for enabling remoting.

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