Sunday, June 29, 2014

Autodiscover Failing for particular User

Hi Readers,
We have recently faced a weird issue:
For a Particular user auto-discover was not working , we tried a lot of things but was not able to resolve it.
Reason is Exchange 2010 auto-mapping feature 
When Administrator grants full access to the user to another mailbox  than other mailbox gets auto mapped in outlook.
There are two things that gets updated in this process
msExchDelegateListBL: This will be updated for the user
msExchDelegateListLink: This will be updated on delegate
Auto-discover tries to discover user as well as the mailboxes that are auto mapped.
In our case , we found three mailboxes in users "auto mapping" for which auto discover was not working.
How to find it : ( We have a quest ad tools installed)
Get-QADUser UseriD -IncludedProperties msExchDelegateListBL | select  @{Name="msExchDelegateListBL";Expression={$_.msExchDelegateListBL}} | export-csv c:\msexchangelistbl.csv
Now we have all the accounts that are in msExchDelegateListBL
Check if all these accounts exists( In our case they existed) -- If some of them don't exist than you are close in finding the cause.
If not than try for all those accounts if auto discover works.
It can be that you have to check both above cases.
Now on those accounts that have auto discover issues, from ADSIEDIT check msExchDelegateListLink attribute and remove the original user(that was having issues) from it.
This will fix the issue.
Sukhija Vikas

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