Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Exchange 2010 Health Check - Script

Hi Readers,

As our enviornment is being migrated to exchange 2010 so we have started migrating our scripts to this version as well.

This script was first written for exchange 2007 & now has been upgraded to exchange 2010 version, it is more simpler than it was before.

It checks the following things:-

1. PAM
2. Mailbox databases 
3. Mailflow
4. Transport queues

extract the zip file & Just define the variables at the begining of the script:
$smtphost = "smtpserver" 
$from = "" 
$to = ""
run batch file.. 

below will be the kind result that you will get in your email.

Download from link...

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Sukhija Vikas

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