Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Secondary Owners not able to edit Distribution Lists - Exchange 2010

Hi Readers,

This is also a unique issue that we faced after migrating users to exchange 2010

Secondary Owners  are not able to edit Distribution Lists, These secondary owners have write-members permission &

It was working perfectly in Exchange 2007 & Outlook 2010.

But now its kind of broken so solution is: As exchange 2010 allowed multiple users in managedby field therefore

We have done below to resolve our issue:-

  • Check who is the current owner?

  • Whom do you want to add as backup owner?

Owner(user1) should be first in sequence & Backup owner(user2) should be second.

Set-DistributionGroup “name of Distribution List” -ManagedBy “User1”,”User2” –BypassSecurityGroupManagerCheck

This resolved the issue for us.


Sukhija Vikas


  1. this can alternately be done via AD permissions also...give both the accounts full access...the other part of it is ...the DL on 2010 are they of Global/Universal?

  2. btw if u r in middle of migration u need to upgrade the DL(s) also

  3. We had already upgraded the DL's to 2010 format, see my other Post

  4. This was the easiest & fastest way to achieve this, all our DL's are universal.
    Also we don't need to grant full access as by using the above method only the relevant access is provided.