Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Secondary Owners not able to edit Distribution Lists – Exchange 2010

Hi Readers,
This is also a unique issue that we faced after migrating users to exchange 2010
Secondary Owners  are not able to edit Distribution Lists, These secondary owners have write-members permission &
It was working perfectly in Exchange 2007 & Outlook 2010.
But now its kind of broken so solution is: As exchange 2010 allowed multiple users in managedby field therefore
We have done below to resolve our issue:-
  • Check who is the current owner?
  • Whom do you want to add as backup owner?
Owner(user1) should be first in sequence & Backup owner(user2) should be second.
Set-DistributionGroup “name of Distribution List” -ManagedBy “User1”,”User2” –BypassSecurityGroupManagerCheck

This resolved the issue for us.

Sukhija Vikas

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