Friday, June 7, 2013

Understanding RBAC Exchange 2010

Hi Readers,

I was just revising Exchange 2010 concepts so thought of sharing  about RBAC as it confuse many individuals.

Role Base Access Control is introduced in exchange 2010 & is not available in previous versions.
This brings granular control over Exchange.

To understand better let me share a small diagram :-


Where --> SCOPE  ------> It can be OU,group etc this is the first thing that comes when planning RBAC.

What --> ROLE  ------> What the task will be performed. (Exchange 2010 come with 65 built-in Roles, you also have the option of creating cutom Roles)

Who --> ROLE GROUP ------> Who will perform actions , may be a particular group.

GLUE ---> ROLE ASSIGNMENT ----> This binds above three together

RBAC  has made life easy for exchange admins as they no longer need to create/modify ACL's for assigning particular permissions to users/group (For example :- helpdesk Specialists)

This is the refrence from the book I am studying , after reading the explanation I was forced to share it on my blog.

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Sukhija Vikas

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