Friday, January 13, 2012

Enterprise Vault Sql query for checking messages that are due forexpire but are not on hold

Hi Readers,

I am a bit busy now a days & working on some new projects so dednt got atime to blog much.

Currently i am engaged in EV & DA stuff  so below is the query that can be used for checking messages that are due for expire but are not on hold

FROM Saveset ss
WHERE archiveddate < DATEADD(DAY, -90, GETDATE())
AND ss.SavesetIdentity  NOT IN
(SELECT DISTINCT savesetidentity FROM holdsaveset)

Out put will be a number.

Run this on each database from where you want to extract info (in my case it is EV journal databases on which DA applies hold)

This can be used when you want to know if messages are expiring or not (troubleshooting)

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