Thursday, June 16, 2011

Windows commandline

Thought of sharing it in my blog...(very useful)--find it on some site..

Adlb.exe Active Directory Load Balancing Tool (Resource Kit)
Arp.exe Address Resolution Protocol
Atmarp.exe Windows ATM ARP Server Information Tool (Resource Kit)
Atmlane.exe Windows ATM LAN Emulation Client Information (Resource Kit)
Cdburn.exe ISO CD-ROM Burner Tool (Resource Kit)
Chknic.exe NIC Compliance Tool for Network Load Balancing (Resource Kit)
Clearmem.exe Clear Memory (Resource Kit)
Compress.exe Compress Files (Resource Kit)
Confdisk.exe Disk Configuration Tool (Resource Kit)
Consume.exe Memory Consumers Tool (Resource Kit)
Creatfil.exe Create File (Resource Kit)
Csccmd.exe Client-Side Caching Command-Line Options (Resource Kit)
Custreasonedit.exe Custom Reason Editor (Resource Kit)
Delprof.exe User Profile Deletion Utility (Resource Kit)
Dh.exe Display Heap (Resource Kit)
Diskraid.exe RAID Configuration Tool (Resource Kit)
Diskuse.exe User Disk Usage Tool (Resource Kit)
Dnsdiag.exe SMTP DNS Diagnostic Tool (Resource Kit)
Dumpfsmos.cmd Dump FSMO Roles (Resource Kit)
Dvdburn.exe ISO DVD Burner Tool (Resource Kit)
Empty.exe Free Working Set Tool (Resource Kit)
Fcopy.exe File Copy Utility for Message Queuing (Resource Kit)
Frsflags.vbs File Replication Service Flags (Resource Kit)
Getcm.exe Connection Manager Profile Update (Resource Kit)
Gpotool.exe Group Policy Objects (Resource Kit)
Hlscan.exe Hard Link Display Tool (Resource Kit)
Ifilttst.exe IFilter Test Suite (Resource Kit)
Ifmember.exe User Membership Tool (Resource Kit)
Iniman.exe Initialization Files Manipulation Tool (Resource Kit)
Instcm.exe Install Connection Manager Profile (Resource Kit) 
Instsrv.exe Service Installer (Resource Kit)
Ipconfig Displays IP configuration parameters
Kernrate.exe Kernel Profiling Tool (Resource Kit)
Klist.exe Kerberos List (Resource Kit)
Linkspeed.exe Link Speed (Resource Kit)
List.exe List Text File Tool (Resource Kit)
Logtime.exe Logs start or finish of command-line programs (Resource Kit)
Lsreport.exe Terminal Services Licensing Reporter (Resource Kit)
Mcast.exe Multicast Packet Tool (Resource Kit)
Memmonitor.exe Memory Monitor (Resource Kit)
Memtriage.exe Resource Leak Triage Tool (Resource Kit)
Mibcc.exe SNMP MIB Compiler (Resource Kit)
Moveuser.exe Move Users (Resource Kit)
Net Helpmsg
Net Logon
Net Send
Net Share
Net Start
Net Statistics
Net Use
Net View
Nlsinfo.exe Locale Information Tool (Resource Kit)
Now.exe STDOUT Current Date and Time (Resource Kit)
Ntimer.exe Windows Program Timer (Resource Kit)
Ntrights.exe (Resource Kit)
Oh.exe Open Handles (Resource Kit)
Pathman.exe Path Manager (Resource Kit)
Permcopy.exe Share Permissions Copy (Resource Kit)
Perms.exe User File Permissions Tool (Resource Kit)
Pfmon.exe Page Fault Monitor (Resource Kit)
Ping ICMP echo requests
Pmon.exe Process Resource Monitor (Resource Kit)
Printdriverinfo.exe Drivers Source (Resource Kit)
Qgrep.exe (Resource Kit)
Qtcp.exe QoS Time Stamp (Resource Kit)
Queryad.vbs Query Active Directory (Resource Kit)
Regini.exe Registry Change by Script (Resource Kit)
Regview.exe (Resource Kit)
Robocopy.exe Robust File Copy Utility (Resource Kit)
Rpccfg.exe RPC Configuration Tool (Resource Kit)
Rpcdump.exe (Resource Kit)
Rpcping.exe (Resource Kit)
Rqc.exe Remote Access Quarantine Client (Resource Kit)
Rqs.exe Remote Access Quarantine Agent (Resource Kit)
Setprinter.exe Spooler Configuration Tool (Resource Kit)
Showacls.exe (Resource Kit)
Showpriv.exe Show Privilege (Resource Kit)
Sleep.exe Batch File Wait (Resource Kit)
Sonar.exe FRS Status Viewer (Resource Kit)
Splinfo.exe Print Spooler Information (Resource Kit)
Srvany.exe Applications as Services Utility (Resource Kit)
Srvcheck.exe Server Share Check (Resource Kit)
Srvinfo.exe Remote Server Information (Resource Kit)
Ssdformat.exe System State Data Formatter (Resource Kit)
Subinacl.exe (Resource Kit)
Tail.exe (Resource Kit)
Timeit.exe (Resource Kit)
Timezone.exe Daylight Saving Time Update Utility (Resource Kit)
Tsctst.exe Terminal Server Client License Dump Tool (Resource Kit)
Tsscalling.exe Terminal Services Scalability Planning (Resource Kit)
Uddiconfig.exe UDDI Services Command-line Configuration Utility (Resource Kit)
Vadump.exe Virtual Address Dump (Resource Kit)
Volperf.exe Shadow Copy Performance Counters (Resource Kit)
Volrest.exe Shadow Copies for Shared Folders Restore Tool (Resource Kit)
Vrfydsk.exe Verify Disk (Resource Kit)
Winhttpcertcfg.exe WinHTTP Certificate Configuration Tool (Resource Kit)
Winhttptracecfg.exe WinHTTP Tracing Facility Configuration Tool (Resource Kit)

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