Saturday, April 2, 2011

Robocopy -->Logging only differences

Hi Readers,

One of my team members stucked in an issue with robocopy , he has to compare  millions of files

on one server to another , issue he was getting :- excessive logging (log file is growing very rapidly & becoming huge in size)

So as a slotution what we have done is piped the robocopy with find command, see the below example:

robocopy E:\ M:\ /mir /copyall /r:2 /w:1 /zb /fp /xd "Program Files" "c6db64bd3144db1e68aa195e13cc9a" "MSOCache" /v /ts | find /i /v "same" >> D:\robocopy_logs\Edrive\log_170311_1.txt

Here we have excluded the lines in the logs where word "same" is present, by doing this we were able to reduce the file size to very small.

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